Gerda & Elmar’s Colourful Urban Wedding day

Colourbox Studios | Cape Town

I was so excited to capture Elmar & Gerda’s wedding day when I first met up with them for coffee in 2019! Then…Covid struck. I was devastated for this lovely couple who had to postpone their dream day. Nearly three years went by, but finally we got to celebrate this wonderful union and have the big, festive celebration that they wanted with their family and friends. The day was also filled with so much emotion as Gerda’s beloved grandmother passed away during this time. Gerda incorporated so many beautiful details and sentiment from her grandmother into her wardrobe and throughout the day (I was in tears during the ceremony of course!). But that’s exactly the type of wedding this was – one where I felt so much like family and like I really got to know this special couple. I was so sad to say goodbye to Gerda once they received their final package. She has really left a mark on my life through the person that she is. Incredibly beautiful from the inside out!